nurse salary in kuwait

hi everybody, i am anesthesia nurse ,5 years experience, i got an offer in royal hayat hospital in kuwait , i want to ask about the salary that i can ask for , and the cost of living for a new married couple , thank you



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  1. indian says:

    it varies between 400 KD to 800 KD and there used to be overtime allowances etc. So it really depends on the hospital. For Cost of living, you should be able to easily live in Kuwait for about 300 KD a month

  2. kahled says:

    thank u for your answer
    i actually got an offer in private hospital in hawli , for 650 KD including housing and transport allowance
    will u please answer me about this points :
    1-i am new married no kids , i will rent small appartment how much it will cost me ? furnished and non furnished , if non furnished how much the furniture will cost (and if there is 2nd hand furniture)
    2-normal cost of living per month for a couple who want to live in moderate style and save more ??i mean water electricity, phone bill,with self coocking and small car (oil maintenance ……)
    3-i am now in saudi arabia , here the cost of rental is prepaid and for 6 months together
    it mean that when you rent an appartment you pay 6 month rental since the beginning !!!!!!!
    is it the same in kuwait or you pay each month separately ?
    i hope you answer me in details as soon as possible because i have to accept or refuse the offer in 10 days max , an d i don’t know anyone in kuwait
    one last question
    can i rent and live easily with my wife and save 300 to 350 KD /month ?
    thanking you

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