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An Indian living in Kuwait

Kuwait is a small country in the Arabian Gulf. Driving to any direction from the center of the city for two to three hours will take you to another country. Islam is the official religion of Kuwait; however, it allows other religions as well. A harmony within the religions are maintained.

There are around 3 Million people in this country with around one million nationals. 2 million residents are from around the world came here to work as Kuwait is highly dependent on foreign labor. Kuwaiti’s normally opt for government jobs than the private sector jobs. Government jobs used to be lifetime appointments, however recently the government is very keen on promoting the private sector jobs for Kuwaiti’s.

Pork Meat and Alcohol are prohibited within Kuwait. Bringing in or using these items in Kuwait can result in getting jail term for offenders. In addition, certain books, magazines, videos and films are also banned due to the content or the way it is being produced etc… Sex is still considered as a taboo and books, magazines or media which has some connection to sex are as well censored or banned.

Kuwait does not offer many things for recreation. However, there are certain things you can do in Kuwait. One key activity is shopping, though not many expats in Kuwait do this as a recreation activity. There are many high end shopping malls in Kuwait. In addition, the shopping street in Salmiya Kuwait is a pretty long shopping center with many high end malls and shopping centers. Friday market, an open air market, is another place people go for shopping. Initially it used to be operating only on selected days; however, with increased demand it works almost every day. You’ll find almost everything imaginable on sale here, including livestock, Persian rugs, antiques, furniture, household items (such as laundry detergent, kitchen ware, and other daily necessities), clothing, and just plain old junk that someone carted out of their garage, storage shed, or basement.

Gold is another big item in Kuwait and GCC and there are a number of gold shops in Kuwait. Most of the jewelry is imported from India considering the low cost labor, which in turn gives advantage to the buyer as the buyers spent most of the money on the gold itself and not on labor charges.

Other than shopping, Kuwait has some good beaches and water sports parks. Families spent time together in the beaches where some of the beaches are open to all and access to other beaches are based on a small fee.

Other than these things, you will find it interesting to drive around Kuwait, as many young Kuwaiti’s do.

There are many Indian communities and registered organization in Kuwait supporting the Indians in Kuwait. You will find the list of Indian embassy approved organizations in the embassy website

Kuwait Climate

It is very important for us to know the changing climate of Kuwait. Kuwait is located in the Arabian gulf and is a dry desert.

It has intensely hot summers and cool winters. The temperatures range from 6-8 centigrades in December to up to 50 in August

Occasional heavy rains are seen in Kuwait and minor rains are seen sometime between October and April. In some cases rains can damage or flood the roads.

Sandstorms and dust storms are very often in Kuwait throughout the year and is most common during the hot weather which is between March and August

Current weather in Kuwait

Flat Abs

Many times I used to see advertisement on the web or articles in print claiming that flat abs can be achieved in 15 days. Its an absolute myth. Flat abs a.k.a six packs can be achieved only by burning the fat in the body and not by just exercising for one area like doing crunches

Your body does not burn the belly and buttocks fat immediately one start doing the exercises. Body start burning the recently accumulated fat first and then the earlier accumulated ones. Which means, you will have to continue doing the exercises for some time before the body start loosing the abdominal fat.

To get your flat abs you need to focus on the following

  • Regular Cardio Excercises
  • Fitness training for all parts of the body
  • A healthy and low calorie diet

Sometimes, even after following a perfect program for a long period of time, you may not get the six pack you are looking for. This could be because of the fact that the fat level needed (for a healthy living) is higher than that is required to make it a six pack.

As we understood the truth, the aim of getting flat abs may :

  • require more exercise than your time can afford to and more than what you can handle mentally
  • require more focused diet pattern which may not be of your pattern
  • may not be the best for your body style and living patterns

IELTS Centers in Kuwait

The IELTS is an international English language testing system. This is the world’s leading English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration.

Two IELTS centers in Kuwait are

British Council 2 Al Arabi Street
P.O. Box 345
Safat 13004

Telephone +965 2252 0067
Fax +965 2252 0069
E-mail info at

IDP Kuwait

205 Al-Rabea Building
Salem Al-Mubarak Street

Tel: 965 574 3843
Fax: 965 571 2442
E-mail: info.kuwait at

Office hours:
Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00pm
Thursday 9:00 am to 1:00pm

Gulfmart Khaitan showroom inaugurates tomorrow

Kuwait’s most popular one-stop supermarket group Gulfmart has announced the opening of its 7th super markets in Khaitan. The new showroom in Khaitan will be opened to the public on Wednesday, 9th, June 2010 at 9;30 am by Indian Ambassador to Kuwait His Excellency Sri Ajai Malhotra. This was announced by Mr T A Remesh – Gulf Mart Country Head in a press conference held at Avanti palace, Salmiya. He expressed delight on the opening of their seventh branch, which he said showed the group’s commitment in bring Gulf Mart outlets closer to their valued patrons. He also added that the eight show room of Gulfmart will be opened in Nugra Hawalli in October this year.

The new 12,000 sq ft spacious store in Khaitan is located opposite to the Indian Community school and Mc Donald’s near Police station round is having a large parking space for customers. Interior arrangements designed by the Havelock consultants, a pioneer in this field will give an exceptional shopping experience to the clients, TA Ramesh said. The interiors are organized such a way that customers can choose the items with great convenience.

Speaking about the Gulfmart brand, T A Remesh, Country Manager, said that they have consistently maintained prices by offering their customers the best deals and that Gulfmart has an unbelievable variety of fresh, frozen and packaged food products, a variety of cosmetic products and household products, a full range of ethnic products from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc, all under one roof.”We are bringing vegetables and other food products directly from the source countries and are able to give fresh items at best price to the customers” he added. Gulfmart also have the large stock of cosmetics, Electronic items and other Home items arranged in the new showroom. “Our aim is to make Gulfmart a house hold name” he added. Gulfmart with over a decade of trust with our customers, aimed to complete 10 showroom outlet in Kuwait by end of this year. Gulfmart employs more than 300 staff. “We are the second largest supermarket in Kuwait in terms of number of branches in the country” Remesh added.

Gulfmart have 6 showrooms in Kuwait at Shuwaikh, Abbasiya, Salmiya, Hawally, Fahaheel and Farwaniya. The new showrooms will provide the large number of residents in Khaitan a shopping convenience they have been waiting for. Fakrudeen Kabeer (Senior purchase manager), Juzer Zaifi, Sameer Sheikh, Imran Sheikh and Imran Khan were also present during the press conference.

How to beat the heat in Kuwait

Kuwait being in the middle east has very hot summers. The temperature reach around 50 or more at the peak. So how to stay protected from the heat in Kuwait?

  • Stay in the shades & Use of suncream
  • Dress right
  • Eat right Have lot of fluids, Avoid oily and heavy food
  • Play water games
  • visit the beaches often
  • Visit water parks
  • Allow kids to play in the water