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New Civil IDs for Expats with Visa 20 – PACI

New civil IDs will be issued for expatriates with visa 20, the document issued for domestic helpers and maids, said the Director General of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) Musaad Al-Asousi here yesterday.

The new civil IDs will replace those that have already expired, said Al-Asousi in a press statement, adding that there was no need to renew the cards if they were still valid. Al-Asousi said that the new card will not include an electronic chip, indicating that to obtain the new civil ID, expatriates with visa 20 need to bring the same required documents in addition to a new photograph.

In regards to the working hours at PACI during Ramadan, the Director General said that work during daytime will be extended till 5:30 pm, noting that evening work hours will be from 9 pm till 12 am. Citizens and expatriates are advised to collect their civil IDs on time and as soon as possible to lessen load on the machines issuing the cards and facilitate procedures on PACI employees and clients, said Al-Asousi.

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Places to Visit in Kuwait

The charms of Kuwait do not end with attraction within the city. In this small desert country about the size of New Jersey, the traveler with time on his hands will find a startling range of natural beauty spots and ancient cultural treasures. Some of the best places to visit in Kuwait are listed below.

Aqua Park

Aqua Park was inaugurated in 1995, in Kuwait city. It is located on the Gulf road adjacent to the famous Kuwait Towers. It is the first and the biggest water park in the Arab Gulf Region. The park spreads over an area of 60,000 square meters. If you cannot take your kids to the beach then take them to Aqua Park. The main attraction of this park is Kiddy Pool Area and The Middle Area. The Park offers unlimited entertainment for the whole family.

Entertainment City

Entertainment City is one of the largest utilities in Kuwait. The place provides unlimited fun, entertainment and adventure. It was established in the 12th of March, 1984 and located in Doha on the outskirts of Kuwait.This amusement park is one of the biggest attractions of Kuwait city. It provides a complete range of amusements based on the theme of ‘Arab World’, ‘Future World’, and the ‘International World’, with a variety of rides and entertainment options. The entrance fee to this amusement park is KD 3.500 per person. The area is fully equipped with a police station, ambulance service and a car parking area.

The Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers is the most famous landmark of Kuwait. The Kuwait Towers are located on the Arabian Gulf Street in Dasman, promontory to east of City Center. The views from the topmost sphere of the largest tower are great, has a revolving observation area and a restaurant with access to high speed lifts.

The Scientific Center

The Scientific Center of Kuwait, located in Salmiya, Kuwait, serves as a center for environmental education of the gulf region. This is the largest Aquarium to be built by the Kuwait Foundation in the Middle East for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). The mission of The Scientific Center can offer you the advancement of the natural sea habitats, the coastal edges and desert of Arabian Peninsula, the motion picture of IMAX Theatre, and explore childhood skills in the Discovery Place, visit the Dhow Harbour, and relax at the Scientific Centre restaurant.

Municipal Gardens

The Municipality maintains various public gardens around the country. One of the most popular is in Fahd Al-Salem Street. Kuwait Municipal Gardens are one among the many Kuwait attractions, which are also good places for an outing after the sunset. Moreover people can relax and watch the beauty of the setting sun. The most popular among them is in the Fahd Al-Salem Street.

Dhow Harbour

The Dhow Harbour is situated right behind the Scientific Complex.Visitors of the Dhow Harbor can view the old sailing ships and dhows used for coastal trading, fishing and pearl diving in the past. The name of the ship is “Fateh El-Kheir”, which means Bringer of Good Fortune. Before the discovery of oil, this was one of the main trade activities in Kuwait.

Doha Village

Doha was the site of one of Kuwait’s major construction areas for dhows and booms. Some boats, including miniatures, are still there, but few are built today. Take Gamal Abdul Nasser Street from Kuwait city, and pass through Sulaibikhat. At the junction, turn right into Doha. Some miniature dhows and traditional drills are still sold to tourists and collectors.

Failaka Island

Failaka Island is located in the northern part of the Persian Gulf. In springtime, Failaka Island is regarded as particularly special by Kuwaitis. It has quite a different ecosystem to mainland Kuwait, and its budding flowers and changing temperatures are much appreciated. Failaka is beginning to develop a local tourist industry; it provides fishing, boating, swimming, sailing and water sports. You can also take a boat to visit several other remarkable islands.

Green Island

Green Island is the best place for families and kids to spend time together. It is a man made island in Kuwait, with an area of 785 thousand square meters and diameter of 3140 meters is linked to the sea by a passage, which is 134 meters long. Basically, its more of a picnic spot where you need to bring your own food or have barbeques out there. It’s a long walk to Green Island entrance and also very windy here. So it is not a favorable place to go in winter evenings. Green Island is located off the waterfront spanning 21 kilometers of coastline from Al-Shiwaikh to Ras Al-Ardh.

Ice Skating Rink

Ice Skating Rink was established in March 1980. It is a major landmark and great sport facility. If you are searching for a place to spend a hot summer day in Kuwait, the Ice Skating Rink in Kuwait City is the perfect place to be. The Rink consists of two main rinks. The first is an Olympic rink that has 1800 square meters surface of ice. The arena included can accommodate up to 1600 viewers and provides shoe-changing room, skating equipment store and first aid facility. The other rink is smaller, it has 800 square meters surface of ice with an arena accommodating up to 600 viewers. It is provided with a cafeteria for fast drinks and snacks.


Ahmadi is an orderly and lovely town containing small houses with large gardens, and avenues. A large, well-tended park and little traffic make this an attractive site for visitors. It was originally built as an oil town in 1948, and so is organized much like a British or American town, with streets clearly marked. It was named after the late Amir Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.The Kuwait oil company has a fine Display Center in Ahmadi. This is a museum devoted to the history of oil, from geological formation through exploration, drilling and recovery. It was destroyed in the Iraqi invasion in 1990, but has been reconstructed with additional exhibits. Call for current information (Tel:398-9111). KOC can also arrange for groups to tour the oil fields themselves. Call their Information Office for details (Tel: 398-1678).

Mutlaa Ridge

Made famous by Desert Storm battles, these sandstone hills, some 60 meters high, offer a break in the flat topography of Kuwait. Situated on the northern rim of the bay, they provide grazing land for domestic herds of sheep, goat, and camels. Wild flowers abound in the spring, and you will find many people picnicking there. As always, be careful and check with authorities about safety procedures.


Located about 90 kilometere south of Kuwait city, Khiran is a resort area on the clear blue water of the Gulf. It has very high gulf tides and very low ones, which allow it to be used easily by small boats. In 1981 the sandy coast was leveled and the resort was constructed as part of the Touristic Enterprise Company facilities. It features acres and acres of green grass, an amusement complex, a modern marina, water sport facilities, recreation rooms, restaurants, and all amenities – just the place to break the monotony of dry, dusty, brown Kuwait City. Reservations for chalets and studio flats are necessary well in advance (Tel: 562-9493),as the resort is nearly always fully booked.

Wafra Farms

Wafra is home to 200 privately-owned farms and an experimental farm founded by the government. They raise dairy cattle, poultry, a variety of grains, tomatoes, radishes, melons, cucumber…etc. You can visit from Saturday through Thursday. On Friday, an open market sells many locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Take the Wafra exit past Ahmadi, and drive 30 kilometers south. Turn left at the Wafra farms exit and go ten more kilometers.

Swimming Pool Complex

The Swimming Pool Complex was established by the Touristic Enterprises Company in April 1988, on the Arabian Gulf Road over an area of 9472 square meters. The complex has five superior swimming pools with different measures, including a kid’s pool and an Olympic pool. The Olympic Pool that is well-equipped to hold out tournaments and championships. The cold winter weather need not stop you from diving right in; there is heating system to take care of your comfort.

Indian Schools in Kuwait

Community of Indians in Kuwait includes Indian expatriates in Kuwait, as well as Kuwaiti citizens of Indian origin or descent. One third of the population is made by the Kuwaitis and the rest Expatriates. Indian schools in Kuwait are striving to make its education systems and policies to be the best in the world. Indians in Kuwait are facilitated with 17 Indian schools which are affiliated to central board of secondary education. The top Indian schools in Kuwait are listed below.

Carmel Indian School

Carmel Indian School in Kuwait, established in 1969, is conducted by the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, who have several educational establishments all over India and the Andamans, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Africa and Rome. The school is basically for Indians of all religious denomination.

The school gives excellent educational facilities to students. The school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, India. The medium of instruction is English and Hindi as a compulsory second language, till Std. VI. French is offered as an optional Second language in Stds. VII – X. Arabic is taught as a third language to all students from Std. II to IX.

Contact Information

Address: Carmel Indian School, P.O Box: 596, Safat, 13006, Kuwait.

Contact No: 24727226, 24727383

Fax & Email ID: 24727553, [email protected]



Gulf Indian School

Gulf Indian school was established in September 1993. The School is an English medium school in Fahaheel, Kuwait. It is operated by the Al-Faisal Educational Est. Co. Mrs. Shyamala Divakaran is the founder Principal of Gulf Indian School.

The school follows the curriculum and syllabus of CBSE, New Delhi and prepares the students for the All India Secondary School Examination and All India Senior School Certificate Examination. Hindi is a compulsory second language from class I to class VIII. In classes IX and X. French is offered as an optional second language. Arabic is taught as a third language in all classes from II to IX.

The academic session starts in April and ends in March.

Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 7879, Fahaheel 64009, Kuwait.

Contact No: (965)2391-8210, (965)2391-8214

Fax & Email ID: (965)2391-8214, [email protected]



Indian Central School

Indian central school was established in 31st August 1994. It is a progressive Senior Secondary Public School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. Indian Central School aims to provide quality education and is the best Indian School of Kuwait.

An open building, air conditioned gymnasium,  spacious   auditorium, football, basketball and  volley  ball courts, well  equipped laboratories and libraries  are some  rare  assets of  this  school.

Contact Information

Address: Block1,jleeb Al-Shyoukh, Kuwait City,Kuwait.



United Indian School

United Indian School was established in 1985. The school is one of the biggest and the best among the CBSE schools in Kuwait. United Indian School is recognized by the Ministry of Education of Kuwait. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India. It prepares students for the All India Secondary School Examination and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination.

The medium of instruction is English with Hindi as the second language. From Std IX, French is also offered in place of Hindi. Arabic is taught from Std I.

Contact Information

Address: Abbasiya P O Box 1589 Hawalli 32016 Kuwait , Kuwait

Contact No: 0965-24331460, 0965-24310510

Email ID: [email protected]



Salmiya Indian Model School

Salmiya Indian Model School is the First Indian Model School in Kuwait. The School aims at the promotion of holistic education, human growth and development. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India has implemented the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for all students till class X.

The school is well equipped with a science lab, a well stacked libraries and a fully networked computer lab. The school also has a spacious Auditorium, Activity hall and multipurpose hall.

Contact Information

Address: Salmiya, Block 12, Al Mughera Bin Shu’ba Street.

Contact No: 25616828, 25616838
Fax : 25616828
Email ID: [email protected]
               [email protected]



Integrated Indian School

Integrated Indian School in Kuwait Education for Life, Excellence in Education and Commitment to a meaningful Education are of prime importance. Mr. Shafiq Ahamad is the founder Principal of Integrated Indian School.

Which is the largest educational board in the country and is duly recognized by the Ministry of private  Education, Kuwait Government.The School has students enrolled from grade 6 to grade 12. In the 11th and 12th all students prepare for the All India Secondary School Examination and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination.

Contact Information

Address: Integrated Indian School, Jleeb Al Shuyoukh Kuwait,Kuewait.

Contact No: 00919811611025, 965-24315968

Email ID: [email protected]



Al Rashid Indian School

Al Rashid Indian School was established in 1997. As a co-educational institution, the school follows CBSE Syllabus and aims at educating the young minds to face the challenges of the new millennium by proper molding of their mind, body and intellect.

The school is well equipped with Audio Visual Room, Computer Lab, Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Mathematics Lab, Language Lab Library, Art and Craft Room, Foot Ball Ground, Basket Ball Court and also offers well equipped activity room for kindergarten Auditorium for organizing seminars and other activities.

Contact Information

Address: P.O BOX: 1504, Farwania, Kuwait.

Contact No: 24728124, 24735895

Email ID: [email protected]


India International School

Indian International School is a co-educational institution. English medium school recognized by the Ministry of Private Education, Kuwait and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India.The school is successfully delivers CBSE based educational programs for students from Early Childhood through Grade 12. It prepares the students for the All India Secondary and Senior School Certificate Examinations of CBSE.

The school aims to provide all round development to each student laying emphasis on personality development, academics, sports, fine arts and communication through an innovative curriculum designed to make learning enjoyable.

Contact Information

Address: P.O BOX: 7721, Fahaheel-64013, Kuwait.

Contact No: 23728702

Email ID: [email protected]



Indian Public School

Indian Public School was first established in September 1995. The school is a modern progressive english medium school. It offers instruction up to Std.XII of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India.

The educational infrastructure consists of well-equipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science . We have a well-stocked library, an audio-visual room and activity rooms for music, dance and art.

Contact Information

Address: P.O BOX: 1589, Hawally-32016, Kuwait.

Contact No: 25630342, 25630249

Email ID: [email protected]



The Indian Community School

The Indian Community School was established on the 5th May, 1959. The ICSK is recognized by the Ministry of Education, State of Kuwait and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India, for the All India Secondary School Examination [Std. X] and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination [Std. XII].

Under one name and one management, the Indian Community School is housed in four buildings namely the Senior Branch, Junior Branch, Amman Street Branch and Khaitan Branch.

Contact Information


Essa Al Qatami Street,Jiddha-8, Block-10 Salmiya.

Contact No: 25629583, 25659126, 25613260, 25633570

Email ID: [email protected]



Essa Al Qatami Street, Jiddha – 2, Block-10 Salmiya.

Contact No: 25613344, Direct. 25634626

Email ID: [email protected]



Shara Amman Street – 3, Block – 12, Salmiya.

Contact No: 25624405, 25624267

Email ID: [email protected]



Abraq Khaitan, Street No. 23, Block – 9, BLDG.No. 900018

Contact No: 24717192

Email ID: [email protected]

Shopping in Kuwait

Shopping in Kuwait will definitely astonish you!

There are plentiful opportunities in Kuwait to buy modern clothing, household goods, cosmetics, perfumes and many other items imported from all over the world. There are many modern facilities with spacious walk ways and attractive shops displays, such as the Salhiya Complex in the city, Al-Watya behind the Sheraton Hotel, Zahra, Al-Bustan and Al-Fanar Complexes and Laila Galleria in Salmiya, Al-Muthanna complex across from Le Meridien, Al-Mohallab and Al-Othman complex in Hawally. In addition, there are many shopping areas, or souks, in districts such as Salmiya, Fahaheel, Hawally, and elsewhere. These offer not only consumer items but may also include agents, and amusement centers for children.









No shopping in Kuwait would be complete without visit to the avenue mall. The avenue mall is one of the biggest shopping malls in Kuwait .It is located in the Al-Rai industrial area. It is a nice place for the family to visit. The Mall will also bring a unique shopping experience by introducing a wide range of international brands, all kind of restaurants and cafes. It has also a fun place for kids call the magic planet a big place with all kind of games.

The Avenue Mall will definitely lift your shopping spirit up. The Mall will introduce the ‘Jewelry Zone’ for jewelry, precious stones and gold lovers. The designs and colors of the retail facades of the Jewelry Zone reflect the value of the goods on sale.

Location Details of Avenue Mall

Al-Rai Area- 5th Ring Road- Between Ghazali Street & Mohammed Bin Alqasem Street, Kuwait.

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 2:00 am.









Al Fanar Mall is one of the attractive Kuwait’s premier shopping destinations. The mall help you quickly find what you are looking for. It offers more than 30 branded stores, the finest foods and excellent entertainment facilities in a beautifully architected environment.

It is also a coolest place to seek out the latest fashion trends, gadget, watch movies, dine out, or hang out with friends.

The Al-Fanar Cinema is the most favourite aspect of one and all, which is considered to be one of the best among all Cinemas in Kuwait.The large and spacious Al-Fanar Cinema is located within the Al-Fanar shopping complex, including all modern amenities.

Location Details of Al Fanar Mall

Al Fanar Mall
Salem Al Mubarak Street,
Salmiya, Kuwait

Opening Hours: Open daily, from 12 PM – Midnight


360° MALL








This mall is a very entertainment shopping center in Kuwait. It offers great experience for you and your family. A hypermarket, two department stores and fabulous leisure and entertainment areas are some of its major attractions. If you want to do shopping in Kuwait, 360 Mall is definitely an exciting and unique destination. It has everything a person needs.

Location Details of 360° MALL

360° MALL – Sixth Ring Road, South Surra, Al Zahra’a Area
P.O. Box 29060
Safat 13151, Kuwait










Souq Sharq is a good shopping center with several department stores and retail shops including shops for male and female fashion clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes, in addition to kids’ fashion items, kids’ toys and entertainment areas for kids.
Souk Sharq is a place of good food too.This mall is also famous for largest food court in Kuwait. There are many cafes and restaurants that offer a fantastic selection of food and drink for all the family to enjoy.

Location Details of Souk Sharq

Safat P.O.Box – 22644, Safat – 13087,Kuwait

Opening Hours: Sat to Fri. 10am-10pm










Souk Al-Mubarakiya is an old Kuwaiti market that sells all traditional cloths, accessories and other stuffs to maintain its traditional flavour. There are Arabic, pickles, herbs, spices, dates as well fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables are also sold here. Whether it is to shop, eat or just to sight see there is plenty here that can give an expat a taste of the real Kuwait.

Location Details of Souk Al-Mubarakiya

Between Mubarak al-Kabir,Ahmad al-jaber&Ali al-Salem Street in Kuwait










Marina World is the second largest and entertainment complex in Kuwait. It is a leisure and retail area consisting of a five-star hotel, fully-equipped world-class marina, restaurants, luxury shops and entertainment centers. There are many stores familiar to Westerners, so if you’re looking for your favorite brands, you won’t be disappointed.

The Mall is surrounded by many cafes and restaurants. There is a large spectacular glass fountain, located at the centerpiece of the plaza. The area is topped with one of the largest glass domes in the region. The sail of a ship installed on the dome radiates automatically to let in the beautiful sun beams.

Location Details of Marina Mall
Marina Mall
Shop 63 ground floor

Opening Hours:Mon to Sun. 10am–10pm

Family visa in kuwait

For obtaining a family visa to Kuwait one has to follow some procedures and steps in Kuwait. The family visa is valid for 90 days before entry, otherwise automatically canceled. A minimum of KD250 is required as the salary. The family visa can be applied for direct relatives such as parents, spouse, and children. As long as you have a proof of relationship, you can definitely come and visit. No eligibility or criteria is required. A working wife cannot sponsor her husband as dependent. Son’s age over 21 years cannot be sponsored as dependents, even if parents may sponsor their daughters up to marriage.

Documents required for applying a family visa

  • Proof of relationship or kinship
  • Sponsor’s salary certificate
  • Copy of the civil ID of the sponsor
  • Copy of the visitor’s valid passport
  • Recent salary certificate for foreign sponsor

The procedures for obtaining a family visa

  • Go to the Kuwait Embassy in your country and submit the required documents for a family visa.
  • Fill the visa application form.
  • Pay the fees due.

The family visa fees are:

*For Private sector employees:

100KD/person: during the first year for wife and the 2 first children and KD200 each for subsequent children.

*For Public sector employees:

10KD/person: during the first year for wife and the 2 first children and KD100 each for subsequent children.

Filipinos in Kuwait

The foreign population of Kuwait mainly consists of Egyptians followed by Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Filipino and SriLankan residents. In short, 3 – 5% of the people in Kuwait are Filipino. No doubt they have come here for promised jobs and a crack at a better life for themselves and their families.


Kuwait is one of the most popular destinations for overseas Filipino workers. However before accepting a job offer in Kuwait or to any other foreign countries, there are things that should be considered to ensure that the job offer would be truly beneficial.

What OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) should know before working in Kuwait

1. Learn and understand the host country’s language
2. Respect culture, traditions and practices
3. Abide by their laws
4. Abide by your contract
5. Never carry drugs and illegal substances
6. Don’t accept hand carried packages
7. Avoid wearing of shorts or tight-fitting clothes for women.
8. Avoid illegal activities

You should also be aware that foreign workers in Kuwait are entitled to 30 days vacation leave with pay every year.






The Contact Details of Philippine Embassy in Kuwait are listed below

Block 6, Villa 153
Nouman Bin Basher St.
corner Damascus St.
Faiha, State of Kuwait

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 26288 Safat 13123
State of Kuwait
Tel. Nos.: (965) 2252-8422 , 2251-1806

Office Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.


Don’t worry about your favorite food. It doesn’t really matter where you are from. In Kuwait there is abundance of options for you.

Kuwait offers you many Filippino Restaurants. Filipinos have a lot of deliciously authentic pinoy cuisine. Most of the shops that sell special Filipino food can be found in this city. Some of them are listed here.

Chicken Inasal

The Chicken Inasal is a popular dish from the City of Bacolod, Philippines. Chicken inasal is now available in Kuwait. You definitely have to visit Chicken Inasal Restaurant at Kuwait City, if you want to taste the best inasal.



No list of Filipino food would be complete without adobo. It is the national dish of the Philippines. That involves meat, seafood, or vegetables marinated in a sauce of vinegar and garlic, browned in oil, and simmered in the marinade.


Bulalo is one of the top boiled dishes in the Philippines due to its rich taste.If you have any diet restrictions, Bulalo or Beef Shank is not the healthiest food. Bulalo can be found in most upscale restaurants for the reason being that it is not the cheapest choice of meat in the Philippines. Bulalohan Filipino Restaurant is one of the best Filipino foods served in Kuwait.


This Chinese dish has become so popular in the Philippines that it is not uncommon to find it in expensive restaurants. It is a tasty fried rice-noodle dish. Many Philippine restaurants in Kuwait can offer you pansit in different flavour.


Buko Pandan

One word to describe about Buko Pandan is…. AWESOME!! I tried looking for alternatives and the flavoring was the best that I can find. Buko Pandan is a favorite dessert in most parties. If you have Buko pandan in summer heat, it will definitely lift your spirit up and cools you down.




There are many Filipino organizations /groups are working in Kuwait. They are listed below.

Filipino Badminton Association of Ahmadi (FBAA): It is considered one of the best badminton organization in the state of Kuwait. The main purpose is to promote the game of badminton and to encourage the spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship among the fellow expatriate members in Kuwait. It is absolutely a non- profit, non-cultural and non-political organization. The Club is growing and currently boasts more than 200 Members.

Filipino Tennis Association in Kuwait (FTAK): It will lead and take pro-active role to provide a total physical healthy solution while promoting sportsmanship, camaraderie and friendship amongst Filipino community and other expatriates who are in Kuwait.

Legacy of Integrated Filipino Employees (LIFE): It was recognized by the Philippine Embassy and Philippine Labor Office last 30th October 2008. The main purpose of creating activities that promotes unity growth and development and contributes to the community through outreach programs. LIFE is a non-political, non-sectorian and non-profit organization in Kuwait.

Philippine Basketball Club In Kuwait (PhilBaCK): The main aim is to unify all Filipino Basketball Enthusiast in Kuwait under one roof, and also giving the best facility, services, and a healthy lifestyle. The Filipino Basketball/Volleyball Referees Group in Kuwait is a non-profit and less funded sports organization holding a basketball tournament.

Philippine Catsclaw Martial Arts Association: The Philippine Catsclaw Martial Arts Association is a non-sectarian, non-profitable, and non-political association. It was formed to promote motivate discipline and self-control. It help the individuals to build self-confidence, physical fitness and mental alertness through martial arts.

Triskelion International State of Kuwait (TISOK): This is a non-profit organization in the State of Kuwait, they provide quality services that protect the life and dignity especially of the distressed Filipinos in vulnerable situations.

Pinoy Digital Photographers in Kuwait (PINDOT): The PINDOT is a group of Filipino workers and residents of Kuwait. The main aim is to learn, sharing and respect of photography skills / common passion in Digital Photography. We can also learn through the sharing of images and discussing about photography related subjects. It is not only a place to learn about photography but as well to earn friendship and camaraderie.

Philippine Bodybuilders And Fitness Association in Kuwait (PBBFAK): The PBBFAK aims to expand the Filipino competitors raising the level of competitiveness in bodybuilding. It is a non-religious and non-political group composed of Filipino bodybuilders and fitness trainers who are residing in kuwait.

Kuwait Filipino Practical Shooting Club in Kuwait (FPSC): The FPSC is a practical shooting club in the state of Kuwait. FPSC aims to excel in practical shooting accuracy, power and speed. It exercises the practical shooting sports at NRC Shooting Complex. The prime objective is that safety at all times.