Bedbugs everywhere, in Kuwait too…

Recently, I was told by a friend of mine about the bed bugs he found in his new home. Some other day BBC news talked about the spike in the Bed Bugs in Newyork. It seems the bed bugs are on increase everywhere. In a recent seminar in one of the popular hotels in Kuwait City, I found a bed bug on my table, we had to leave the table immediately.

It will become an epidemic in Kuwait as well just like in Newyork. A recent survey and the recent reports from Newyork has found that there are thousands of bed bugs roaming around the city and that they are invading many types of premise, it is not just limited to residential areas. The pop singer Lauren Hildebrandt is out with word she’s been attacked by the tiny bloodsuckers and it’s no fun.

Wikipedia says “Although bedbugs can live for a year without feeding, they normally try to feed every five to ten days. In cold weather, bedbugs can live for about a year; at temperatures more conducive to activity and feeding, about 5 months”

Bed bugs are being reported in many parts of Kuwait by many people. Does these advertised pest controllers can actually eradicate bed bugs at least from individual houses?

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