Flat Abs

Many times I used to see advertisement on the web or articles in print claiming that flat abs can be achieved in 15 days. Its an absolute myth. Flat abs a.k.a six packs can be achieved only by burning the fat in the body and not by just exercising for one area like doing crunches

Your body does not burn the belly and buttocks fat immediately one start doing the exercises. Body start burning the recently accumulated fat first and then the earlier accumulated ones. Which means, you will have to continue doing the exercises for some time before the body start loosing the abdominal fat.

To get your flat abs you need to focus on the following

  • Regular Cardio Excercises
  • Fitness training for all parts of the body
  • A healthy and low calorie diet

Sometimes, even after following a perfect program for a long period of time, you may not get the six pack you are looking for. This could be because of the fact that the fat level needed (for a healthy living) is higher than that is required to make it a six pack.

As we understood the truth, the aim of getting flat abs may :

  • require more exercise than your time can afford to and more than what you can handle mentally
  • require more focused diet pattern which may not be of your pattern
  • may not be the best for your body style and living patterns

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