Getting a Kuwait driving license – A fresh driving license

To get the driving license in Kuwait, one should apply for a learner’s license and pass a driving test. Residents holding driving licenses of some western countries shall follow a different path and use those driving license for obtaining a Kuwait Driving License According to a ministerial decision, expatriates applying for driving license should have

1. a university degree, (attested by the ministries)
2. a salary of not less than 400 dinars per month ( as per the shoon paper)
3. and a valid residence. They should have resided in Kuwait for at least two years before applying for a driving license provided they meet the conditions on age and health

Persons who are not allowed to get a Kuwaiti driving license on the strength of their national license must go to the License Section in the main Traffic Department in Shuwaikh and obtain approval for a learner’s license (istimara). To obtain approval, an expatriate must satisfy conditions mentioned above. However certain persons (see facing box) are exempt from these conditions.

* Drivers for companies and public bodies
* Domestic servants
* Advisors, judges, public prosecutors, experts and lawyers
* Doctors and Pharmacists
* Professors at universities, colleges and institutes of higher education
* Teachers, social workers and laboratory operators
* Engineers and assistant engineers
* Foreign women married to Kuwaiti men
* Foreign divorcees and widows of Kuwaiti men
* Foreign husbands and foreign children of Kuwaiti women
* Mosque imams, prayer callers and teachers of the Holy Quran
* Librarians employed by government authorities
* Nursing staff, first-aid assistants, and laboratory and x-ray technicians
* Journalists and pressmen
* Managers and graduate accountants
* Professional sports players and coaches
* Pilots, air-stewards and air-hostesses
* Housewives, provided they have children or provided their husbands have been resident earn at least KD 400/- a month
* Students
* Graduate computer programmers
* Undertakers and those in charge of burials

This is totally depending upon the designation in the shoon paper / work permit.Once you get the learners driving license, the applicant must go to the Licence Section in the Traffic Department in the governorate in which he or she lives. Documents required include

* Passport
* Original and copies of civil ID
* 4 passport-sized photographs
* Letter and attestation in a form by the Company, if employed and copy of work permit from Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor or   letter of employment from a ministry.
* Eye & blood test result (To get the eyesight certificate, a paper from the local traffic department must be obtained and taken to the Ministry of Public Health (MPH) testing clinic in Qortuba.)

The results of the tests can be picked up after two days of the test Submit all these to the License Section for registration for the driving test. A KD10 stamp must be affixed to the application form. Then the learner must go to the driving test center at the governorate’s Traffic Department to fix a date for a driving test, for which a KD10 booking fee is levied. KD10 must also be paid on the day of the test.

Kuwait amends expat driving license rules

The amendment to the law adds that after a license obtained by a driver or a company representative will be discarded as the persons of the mentioned profession change their profession or lose their residency. They can only apply for another license after a period of no less than two years.


To renew a driving license in Kuwait, applicants have to apply before one month from the date of expiry of the same. If the application is late for more than five years after the date of expiry of the license, the applicant should undergo all the formalities to obtain a fresh license.The procedure required for renewal of driving license is to visit the general traffic department concerned and submit the required documents.


1. Expired Driving License.
2. Original civil ID and a copy.
3. One personal photocopy

Applicants up to the age of 40 are exempt from the test and are given a ten year renewal of their driving licenses for KD10.

Note: If the applicants who are older than 60 years old must have the medical check-up again.

23 responses on “Getting a Kuwait driving license – A fresh driving license

  1. saju thomas

    Hai sir ,
    i am working as a draughtman and my salary is 260 and i have degree certificate shall i get isthiamara. last six years i am in kuwait

  2. Haitham El khatib

    Dear sir,

    I’am a university graduate and my position in the work permit is administrative consultant and my salary is 250 Kd. so , will i be able to get the license..

    Thank you and I appreciate your reply.

    Best regards,

    Haitham El Khatib

  3. sara

    I work as pre-school teacher in a nursery and my boss kept my salary 400kd,but unfortunalty because of some personal problems I was not able to get High school certificate I have grade 11 but not 12… lost dont know what to do how to get grade 12 ..i went to many schools but becz im 25 years old now i cnt .in if u can help me out…..if i put my residence as Mandoob will they still ask for high school certificate??/ 🙁

  4. Jagadesh


    I Just resdided in kuwait, since i have all the requirements

    1.civil id
    2.SAlary exactly 400 as in shoonpapre
    3.Degree certificate??

    So can i get the license ?

  5. Ayub

    Dear Sir,

    I am in the process of changing my Kuwait Commercial Visit Visa to Work Permit in the same company. I have BSc in Physics and Masters in Foreign Trade – all certificates are translated and attested. When I did the application at Ahmadi Shoon, I couldn’t get the profession as Engineer or Manager. Please let me know which will be the applicable profession for me so that I wont have difficulty for License, Family Visa and taking Family Visit visa.

    My job in the company is a as a Business Development Manager. Thank you very much


  6. sunny mathew

    my designation is application support engineer and my salary is 350 kd. is it possible to get driving license. please guide me.

    Sunny mathew

  7. Murtaza

    My designation is Computer programmer (مبرمج الكمبيوتر) as per shoon papers.
    My salary is 300KD,I have a original University degree for progamming and a provisional certificate with all the attestation done.
    It has been more than 2yrs for me in kuwait on shoon visa.
    Please advice me if i am eligible for applying for istimara with the above details.

  8. richard gomez

    Hi! I am presently working at school for special needs as Teaching Assistant (TA). I have passed my ministry approval for disabled already . I am earning 285 kd monthly. I have my diploma and stayed in kuwait for 4 years. Am i eligible for kuwait driver’s license? please advise me. thanks!

  9. joby c paul

    sir ,
    my designation is administrative supervisor , i don’t have degree certificate , am a diploma holder , my salary is 650 is there is any chance to get driving license ?

  10. saif

    dear All,
    I got istamara 1 year back my salary is 418 KD and i have graduate degree with attested and my profession is funny , now there is issue to get license and i already pass the driving test even now when i submitting the paper they are telling to go asma and get the Mudir signature ??????????????

  11. George itty

    I am George getting 450 Kd per month. My designation is safety officer and I am a graduate. I have completed 2 years in kuwait. Am I eligible to apply for driving license? Is “Safety Officer” designation ok for getting license? Please help me

  12. Harichandra Ramchandra Mirachandani (HA-RA-MI)

    My salary is 425 and my designation is administrative supervisor .. bu ti was rejected for license application .

  13. Justin

    Dear sir,
    I have below requirements
    1. a university degree, (attested by the ministries)
    2. a salary of 280 dinars per month ( as per the shoon paper)
    3. and a valid residence.
    and My Designation is Engineer.
    Can i apply for Driving license? Or Salary also must be 400 KD in shoon Paper?

    Kindly Reply

  14. priya

    Dear sir,
    i came to kuwait as a domestic driver what is the process to get my driving licence ? plz..if someone know let me know.thank you.

  15. meghna

    Hello.. I am working in kuwait from past 3.5 years as a document technician with a salary of 410 kd, but I have done my diploma in mechanical engineering n I do not possess degree certificates. Is there a possibility of getting a driving license in kuwait??


    Replacement of qatar valid license

    Hi i am here in kuwait since dec2014 , my profession ids engineer, having salary 580 KD in EZNI amal.

    please advise, how can i get license here.

    I heard NOC from qatar traffic department is required ( attestation from which all dept is required)
    what all documents required, what are the procedures

  17. Omar Abdelwahab

    I am a high school student, is it feasible that I can get a private driving license? If possible who long would all the procedures take? If not how easy is it to get a motorcycle driving license and what is the punishment if I happen to drive a car with that license, also is it likely they will notice the difference? Thanks.

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