How long it takes to build the six pack?

I have been doing the crunches and other exercises for flat abs for some good time. Though I have been gone down on FAT, I was not seeing the six packs I was working for.  I was like how long I should do it. Then I realized that I can feel the muscles which are developed and it is only that I cannot see it. It is only that the muscles are just covered by excess body FAT. When am I going to see the visible abs; what should I do to get the real six pack and how do I reduce the body fat?

Once the underlying abs muscles are developed, it is only the matter of reducing the fat to have the six pack visible. It is required for a men to reduce the fat levels below 12% to really see the six pack shape on the abs. and it should go below 9% to see them really pop out of the abs. Women who needs flat abs should reduce the fat levels to around 17-19%. These are just approximation for majority of the people. Depending on each individuals body fat distribution one may need to become more lean to have the six packs visible. As per the earlier post, you may not even see the muscles pop out if the body fat requirement and distribution is not in favor for six pack.  Essential fat is 1-3% in men, and 8–12% in women

If you are serious about getting the body fat reduced it is better to get the body fat ratio analysed. This can be achieved by skinfold caliper method or the bio-electrical impedance method. Another method of finding the body fat percentage is using the BMI. These methods are not very accurate, however, it gives an approximation of the body fat percentage.

To calculate the body fat percentage using the BMI method, you may use the following formula. Extracted from Wikipedia

Child Body Fat % = (1.51 x BMI) – (0.70 x Age) – (3.6 x gender) + 1.4

Adult Body Fat % = (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – (10.8 x gender) – 5.4

where male gender= 1, female=0.

I will continue posting my experience and research details here so that you can contribute to it and we can join hands to build a healthy group out here.

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