Sheesha Place Picks

Gautam Raj asked me for my recommendations on nice sheesha places. While I don’t sheesh, I go to a lot of nice places with my friends who do. I also have problems breathing where there is poor ventilation, so my picks are based on places with good air circulation.

Here are the Desert Girl picks. Please feel free to recommend your own. Help a sister out and recommend places where incredibly handsome/sexy men frequent, please! And note: I’m not looking to go to gins thaleth (“3rd gender”)/transvestite hang-outs! Keep that info for somebody else’s blog, k? (I gots my own drama and it doesn’t come in that package.)

* Movenpick Bidaa. Tree-lined outdoor terrace facing the sea. Really good buffet.
* Crowne Plaza: Ayam Zaman. Good for indoor sheesha when it is too hot to smoke outside. Terraces provide good privacy. Good ventillation.
* Movenpick FTZ: Nice outdoor garden and tents.
* Awtar Libnan at Marina Mall. Nice outdoor terrace and good, inexpensive food.
* Valdez Palace, Humood Tower, downtown Kuwait. Nice outdoor terrace and large indoor area.
* Hilton. Several nice outdoor areas facing the sea (but sheesha is expensive from what I hear). They have tents on the beach with buffet/sheesha.
* Ruby Tuesdays next to Kuwait Towers has sheesha outside. I like this as I can get an actual REAL crabcake and sit next to the sea.
* Ibis Hotel Salmiya. Italian/continental restaurant has a large outdoor terrace facing the Gulf Road/Sea.

I don’t know if they still serve sheesha, but the Rotana Al-Manshar rooftop used to and it is GORGEOUS. Although I haven’t been there yet (invitations accepted), I have heard that 7 Bars rooftop is really nice.

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