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Working in Kuwait

Anyone planning to take up a job in Kuwait, they will need a work permit and no objection certificate (NOC). Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor issues the work permit while the Ministry of the Interior provides the NOC and the entry permit.These formalities of course must be completed by your sponsor.

Residence permit is the key thing to live and work in Kuwait. Normally it will be done by the sponsor by filling up the form issued by the Ministry of the Interior where the sponsors signature is required. To get the residency permit you will be required to do the medical checkup and you should be fingerprinted. Once you complete these two, you will then required to take the form to the local passport office with the following items:

  • Fingerprint Department form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Work Permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
  • No Objection Certificate and copies
  • A copy of your passport
  • At least four passport photographs

As a general rule, these procedures are the responsibility of the sponsor. The company representative (called in Arabic a mandub) is expected to perform these jobs for you.

Vaccination certificates may be required against cholera and yellow fever for travelers coming from infected areas. Vaccination certificates of the children are expected to be carried along. To obtain the residency permit a successful medical checkup need to be completed. This is primarily aimed at detecting such major infectious diseases as AIDS and TB. Those found to have serious infectious diseases will not be allowed to stay in the country.

Once the residency permit is obtained, you need to obtain the Civil ID card. It is important to have the Civil ID and is a compulsory identity card for anyone Living in Kuwait and to be carried with you all times.

You will need to submit  the relevant forms along with photographs and a photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport to the Public Authority for Civil Information to obtain the Civil ID.